Clash Royale The new update modifies the crates and adds the Touchdown mode

Today, ClashRoyale developers,asseen on,announced the arrival of a new update, whichpromises to introduce a whale of content to the popular mobile title. Amongthese, we can undoubtedlyhighlight the arrival of daily and weeklymissions, the new Touchdown mode and a balance of some cards, suchas the IceWizard and Cemetery .

Here is the complete changelog, asreported by the official website :


  • Face daily and weeklymissions to winrewards!
  • Rewards include super magicbaubles and legendarybaubles!
  • Watch this video to find out more!


  • New style in style and withouttowers: TOUCHDOWN! Watch live ad live streaming !
  • Wingold and gems by destroyingtowersduringracingevents and jumping to gems.
  • Nowyou can chat with 2v2 and play again.
  • Mirrorbattlesprovide the sameidentical deck to you and youropponent.
  • Challenges are nowunlockedatlevel 5 and appear in many new types and formats!


  • Share and copy bouquets from sitesoutside the game!
  • Wehaveimproved the shop: visiteveryday so you do not miss yourdailydeals.
  • Get a free epic card from the storeeverySunday!
  • Gems are no longerreimbursed for personalizedtournamentsif no oneparticipatesthere.
  • Royale news isnow in full screen!


  • We’vedevised a better way to release new cards so thateach card can bereallya surprise! Find out more about the latestepisode of Radio Royale .


  • Note: With the introduction of the missions, wewillremove the targets in the next update.
  • We’vechangedseveralcards( find out which).

What do youthink? A full update, do notyouthink?


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