Best Things That You Can Learn in Yogyakarta

One of the best and recommended way to escape from the hectic life of mega city is by having a vacation. Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is considered one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. This is due to various attractions it offers, from educational to adventurous trip. For those who want to enhance their skills while having a vacation, this article will describe some things that you can learn in Yogyakarta.

The list below will give brief reviews about some of tourist activities in Yogyakarta you can do during your vacation.

  • Learning Batik Making: Batik is not an Indonesia’s exclusive art as you can find various Batik clothes around the world. However, Indonesian Batik has its own uniqueness that make it popular around the world. The best place to learn how to make Batik in Yogyakarta is Kotagede. There are a lot of Batik shops line up across the Kotagede streets. Most of these shops offer lessons on how to make Batik for tourists. In this area, you can learn how to make Batik from the expert. You are allowed to bring your creation once you are done.
  • Learning Javanese Culture: Yogyakarta has a royal palace called Kraton where the King of Yogyakarta and his family reside. In this palace, there is a museum where you can learn about Javanese culture directly from the people who maintain the traditions up till now. This place has two entrances. The first one is Tepas Pariwisata, while the other is Tepas Keprajuritan. Every day, there will be a traditional performance (different each day) round 9 to 10 am. You can also visit a water castle called Taman Sari to capture wonderful pictures.
  • Practicing Puppet Making: one of the significant part of Indonesian culture is puppetry. This art has tremendously evolved throughout the generations. During earlier time, puppetry was considered beyond art. It was a tool to teach culture to people and spread the message about goodness and badness. You can go to the popular Papermoon Puppet Theatre in Yogyakarta to have a workshop and learn how to create wonderful puppets. You can even bring them home as souvenirs once you finish your creation.
  • Practicing Paddy Farming: in Indonesia, the main carbohydrate source is derived from rice. Rice is considered an integral aspect of the country’s culture. In Yogyakarta, you can visit Desa Pentingsari to learn how to farm paddy. This area also offers great views and the calming ambience of secluded village. The locals will guide you to practice what they usually do to farm paddy. You can even tray to ride a bullock cart, if you are lucky. If you are tired, you can take a rest and admire the scenery of Mount Merapi, and even visit it once you are done in Desa Pentingsari.

There are still many activities you can do when you travel to Yogyakarta. Other than educational trip, you can also enjoy the nature, culture, and even the adventure offered by this city. So, prepare your belongings, and come to Yogyakarta to get unforgettable and wonderful vacation!


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